Turning Simple Props into Elegant Ones with Simple Steps

There’s no denying that props are a big part of events. From table decorations to lighting, they enhance any event experience. Yet, most people only think about them when decorating their event. But the reality is that they are there from the moment people arrive at the venue and continue throughout the event. So, why not use them not only to decorate but also to enhance the event experience? Props are a great way to add color, texture, and height to your event.

We all have simple objects that we wouldn’t pay much attention to. We know that these are simple props, but do you know how to make them into elegant ones? There are simple steps to remember in making simple props into elegant ones.

Here Are Some Steps to Remember:

Use One Primary Color

Color is an important aspect of almost any design or craft project. The options are virtually endless: red, blue, yellow, or green. But being able to use just one primary color with complementary accents (blue and orange; red and green; yellow and purple) can really do wonders for any design. While it’s true that adding too many patterns in one space can sometimes feel overwhelming, using just one primary color is both simple and elegant. First, decide on a single color that will unify the space. We’ve chosen a mostly white room for this example, but let your imagination run wild. Choose a central piece, like a piece of furniture or an accent wall, and stick to it. Accent pieces are good additions, but pieces that carry the primary color through where possible, like pillows or art, are even better.

Use Black Or Dark Magenta Color

Adding black or dark magenta color to accessories is one of the newest trends in design. The trend is all about creating mood through color and is a big departure from the minimalist look of the past few years. Adding black or dark-colored accessories to a standard white room creates an exciting style.

Select A Simple Texture for The Background

Creating the perfect aesthetic backdrop for your pictures can be tricky. You want the background to be simple but not plain. You want the background to be detailed but not too busy. You want the background to be unique but not too over the top. A white background is best. However, be sure to pay attention to your light source. A white surface will reflect the most available light for a bright, sunny day. For a very dull day, a light-colored surface will have little impact.

Use A Simple Prop

If you’re hosting a special event, you may want to take things up a notch. One easy way to do that is by using simple props to elevate your decor to the next level. A simple flower arrangement, a few colored balloons, or cute paper lanterns are all simple props you can use to add a touch of elegance to a room. Avoid using too many large, complicated props, and instead, choose a handful of simple ones. The simplest of props can transform simple images into elegant works of art. And the beauty of this technique is that it can transfer easily over to other more complex images.

Use Light Colors For The Props

The props you display in your photographs can make or break your composition. If you use props that are too contrasting to your background, they will take away from the photo itself. On the other hand, using too similar props to the background will appear as a distraction. When adding it to your photo, it’s important to use a light color that goes with your background.

Select Simple And Interesting Props

Simple and meaningful decor always looks great, but the key is to keep it simple. If your home is already decorated in a theme you love, it’s challenging to find pieces that add to that without adding a new thing to the mix. One way you can expand on your theme is by using it across different rooms. If you want an animal theme in your home, for instance, then you can add items and decor props featuring dog shapes or cat outlines in your bathroom, kitchen, or study. They can be simple yet interesting. Additionally, adding some traditional items to the decor can add a twist to the design without looking too trendy or too vintage. Look for items that have a traditional look but add a modern twist. For example, a woven basket can be a beautiful and functional addition to any room, but adding a silver metal finish to the handle makes it look fresh and modern.

More often than not, the simplest props are the ones that end up looking the best. You can turn a simple everyday object into something elegant by simply adjusting the color, shape, and size. Using asymmetrical shapes and colors impacts the way the eyes move across the object, making viewers look more intently at it. Using things other than solid, bright colors can also help make the object more interesting.

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