About The Site

Greetings, and thank you for taking the time out of your day to learn a little more about Landmark After Dark. What started as a project to share various mediums and understanding of them with people has grown into the platform you see today. It is a humble little site, but still something I am very proud of producing. The name comes, in part, from my own. I’m Mark, by the by. It also comes from the fact that once the sun sets that is when I find myself to be the most creative. There’s something about the way the light changes that makes my brain start to work as it should, able to conjure up images of various mediums and various worlds, or even our own.

The aim, the goal at the end of the day, is to share various methods and knowledge points that every artist should have an understanding of. This is why the content you’ll see written about on here will be eclectic, covering a myriad of subject matters. They may not always stick exactly to what we think of when we think of art, but that doesn’t mean it is intrinsically less valuable to the aspiring artist. We all come from a blank canvas, and even if we have natural talent it takes time to hone that into skill.

Finding resources, then, is key to fostering that development. From understanding the materials we as artists can use, to knowing the history of certain artistic movements and learning about key figures, as well as having a proper grasp on the day to day life measures we all must take, these things all come together to form an important foundation that we can then build upon and grow into.

It would be hubris to think that one site alone can make an artist, however. I encourage you all to go out, explore, read, learn, never stop being hungry for knowledge in whatever form it comes to you. But, if you wish, spending some time here can hopefully help you sate a little of that need. Now, go out there and become the artist you’re meant to be, whether that be at night, at day, or in those hours between.


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