The Best YouTube Art Channels to Follow

YouTube is home to tons of talented artists, and we have gathered some of the best channels to follow for daily inspiration. Whether you are looking for clean, whimsical art, or something more abstract, we have the collection of channels to suit your needs. 

Are you looking for more ways to express yourself? Try your hand at painting, drawing, or sculpting on YouTube. There are plenty of great channels to check out, so let’s get started.

Here Are The Best YouTube Art Channels to Follow:

Chloe Rose

This New York-based artist creates beautiful paintings, drawings, and sculptures from recycled materials she finds in nature. Chloe Rose is one of the most well-known and widely-recognized YouTube artists, and her channel has racked up more than 4.5 million subscribers and more than 50 million total video views. Rose rose to fame following the release of her song “Chloé” in 2015, and she has gone on to release several more music videos, including “Here’s to You” and “Woman.” Her videos have diverse and feature images of women obliterating their self-consciousness through self-acceptance and love.

John Hall

John Hall’s channel includes impressively detailed sketches, 3D work, and sculptures painted from photos. John Hall’s YouTube channel boasts an impressively high subscriber count (over 3.2 million subscribers). Still, his truly unique artwork has earned this YouTube artist so much fame: John’s whimsical creations (which feature everything from animals and people to video games) are completely hand-drawn and then rendered in 3D using Photoshop. It’s worth checking out all of his YouTube videos. John Hall has made a name for himself on YouTube as The Art Teacher, with his channel covering the basics of art such as composition, perspective, and anatomy, as well as more advanced topics such as printmaking, chiaroscuro, and surrealism. He also shares his own personal experiences, as well as his thoughts on the nature of art, in addition to teaching visual arts. Whether you’re an artist or just love art, John’s channel is a great place to learn.


The channel of painter and writer Qwntuary specializes in realistic portraits of celebrities and public figures. Qwntuary is an art channel. The slogan is “art for art’s sake,” While that’s not always true, some of the videos here stand out. The artist behind the channel, Qwntuary, tends to draw based on things she’s interested in. Therefore, some of her videos include pop culture characters, fantasy creatures, and other subjects. This isn’t a channel that posts often, but the quality is noticeably high, and the content is quite enjoyable when it does.


This channel offers a variety of different art forms, including painting, sculpture, and photography. YouTube is a breeding ground for creativity, and one of the best channels for finding new artists doing great work is HiddenArtists. The channel is run by John Lundberg, who decided to create his YouTube channel to share creative videos with people. The channel is called HiddenArtists, but you may not realize that you’re seeing something new and different when you open up the videos. Lundberg’s videos are creative, funny, and thought-provoking—he’s an artist in every sense of the word.

Patricia Anaya

Patricia Anaya’s channel showcases her sketchbook drawings. She often creates beautiful, colorful art videos that showcase her talents on canvas. Her channel is loaded with videos showcasing her art creations and technique, as well as beauty tutorials, self-help videos, and makeup looks. If you’re craving some artistic inspiration but don’t have time to hop on a plane and fly to New York, simply check out the YouTube art channel, Patricia Anaya. This artist creates intricate and detailed drawings using nothing more than a pencil and paper. Anaya is a self-taught artist who first learned about drawing through sketching in her spare time. Now, her work has been showcased in galleries across the globe, and she’s even developed a following on Instagram.

Art is an art form—and some channels just focus on it, while others offer a more expansive array of different videos. YouTube is a great place to find both for gamers who are also fans of art. (If you’re into drawing, painting, or drawing tutorials, check out our list of the Best Drawing YouTube Channels as well.) These channels offer insightful tutorials, multiple types of art, and, most importantly, tons of inspiration.

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